Bad Voting Decisions Also to Blame for Poverty
Knockout Game is a Product of the Liberal Welfare State

While there are millions of Americans in poverty due to the economic downturn of the past five years, one factor determining poverty in America seldom gets discussed--the bad voting decisions of poor people. These bad voting decisions over the past fifty years have kept millions of Americans poor and have the potential to do so for the next fifty years as well.

The problem with poor voters is they often vote for liberal politicians whose policies keep them in poverty. Rather than voting for conservative free market ideas that create more jobs and foster self-reliance, poor people often fall prey to relying on government handouts and get hypnotized by the class warfare rhetoric offered by liberals.

After five years in office, there is still no realistic economic plan from President Obama. Mr. Obama's proposal to raise minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would cause small businesses to eliminate jobs and create even more poverty. Also, Obama's idea of promise free zones is nothing more than the usual recycled liberal idea of the government throwing money at poverty.

Americans living in poverty has increased seventeen percent since Obama took office. However, facts are sometimes stubborn things. In the last presidential election, two-thirds of poor Americans voted for President Obama against their own interests. As Mr. Obama likes to say to anyone who disagrees with his failed policies, "Elections have consequences."

The consequence of President Obama's reelection is that poor people will not see much job creation until he, and his liberal policies, leave office. As of today, America has the lowest job participation rate (sixty-three percent) since the Carter presidency. "D'oh!" as Homer Simpson says.

But conservative politicians are not blameless either. They need to do a better job pointing out that liberal policies are designed to keep poor Americans poor so they remain a permanent voting block for the Democratic Party. Then conservatives need to better articulate their vision of an opportunity society, not a dependency society. Poor Americans, for their part, need to stop blindly voting for Democrats and seriously listen to ideas that will help them escape poverty.

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